Strange name for the city? But in Spanish, the name "Good Aires" turn into "Bueno Aires," one the most popular destination for all travelers from all around the world.

This journey is a part of series "Baby steps in Latin America 🌎". This is part two of two.

Fun fact, back in the day the top hill overlooks the city in the area of Bueno Aires have bad air. People used to call it "Buen Ayre" which refers to foul smell prevalent in the old city. They also think that bad air caused sickness. "Foul smell" is another word for malaria ("mal aria" = bad air).

Eventually, one of the most popular area today, San Telmo, which used to be the most important port of Bueno Aire. It used to be filled with good aires, and they named it "Santa MarΓ­a del Buen Aire" or in English "Our Lady of the Good Air," due to better air than the hill. It both named after Sardinian virgin and also one of the first malaria-free ports for ships coming from the north.