I would say Chile is one of the best party experience in my entire life yet. Cheap place for clubbing, I don't understand Spanish but still have so much fun, and Pisco Sours just make everything better.

This journey is a part of series "Baby steps in Latin America 🌎". This is part one of two.

A 28 hours flight journey to Santiago

My journey started with two flights from Bangkok to Santiago with a stop in London. This is my first time flying with British Airways because they are the only OneWorld flight that has the shortest long-haul flight from Thailand. As usual, my parents came to the airport to give me a warm hug before sending me back to my journey.

Parents dropping me off at Suvarnabhumi airport, Thailand

One of the great perks of stopping in Heathrow airport is that it is one of the cheapest airports to purchased tax-free designer goods in the world. So talking about shopping it was Christmas, so I decided to get myself a pair of Gucci Ace sneakers and Burberry scarf. After 13 hours flight from Bangkok its time for another 15 hours flight to Santiago.

information screen for flight BA251 from London to Santiago

"Gringos conquered Chile!" said my Chilean friend

Couple of us arrived a day early than the scheduled date of the program. For me, it was due to cheaper flight ticket, and it sounds great to have one night rest after a long flight across the globe. We took a private shuttle to the hotel which is around 30 minutes and we unpacked. Then we went for a walk around the area near the hotel and also grab a quick first Chilean meal, then we came back to take a long nap.  

Views from our private aiport transportation on the way to hotel
First meal in Chile with Pisco Sours

We woke up in the evening and decided to go out and find a bar to drink. We discovered that we are in the financial districted which there are not a lot of bars around the area but after 15 minutes walk we found a place called "Green Frog." We went in, and it was a Karaoke bar! So we start singing an American song, and suddenly a guy shows up with a couple of girls. He came to talk with us and challenge us to go up and sing a song with his girls in Spanish.

Group photo of (from left) Kyle, Mikayla, Miguel "Negro" Piñera, Miguel "Negro" Piñera's friend, Maliaka, Earl, me and, another Miguel "Negro" Piñera's friend
Me and Miguel "Negro" Piñera, Chilean President's brother

Since I am a very into social media guy, I posted our moment on Instagram story until one of my Chilean friends texted me "Dude that's the brother of our President." I lost my mind I'm like what the fuck. So I start talking to my friends and Google to see the picture, and yes it was Miguel "Negro" Piñera. He is known as Chile's party king. The night gets better, people came in and started taking photos with him, and it was so lit. The funniest thing that I regret is that he invited us to his house for after party, but everyone turns down lol.

Santiago walking tour

New Year celebration in Valparaiso

Lodge Andino with

Group Boomerang