This is a story of me who got kicked out of primary school because I was seen by the teachers as an Autistic student. Finding the new school that would fit me by allowing me to express my ideas and to be able to choose what I want to learn and to become in the future was a decision that changes my life.

Decision that changes my life

Since I was a kid, I have always been a very bad student who talked in class, did not pay attention to teachers when they were lecturing. While I was studying at my primary school my teacher was suspicious and thought that I could have Autism because I didn't pay attention in classes and always distracted friends. To be honest, I hate study like it's not fun that you need to go to school every day and you don't know what you're doing and people just keep filling you with the topics that you don't even like or know what they are. Some of them are useful but some of them are undeniably useless. One of the classes that I thought I was very attracted to was crafting. I got chances to turn my own ideas into real life products by designing and creating a prototype out of my pure imaginations.

Let's come back when my teacher thought I had Autism. I mean it's pretty bad like they accused their student and required my parents to get me diagnosed at the Children hospital specialized in Autism. I mean at that time my parents were freaking out and they didn't know what to deal with me. I got a lot of pressure while going through that period. The thing is we have to go there and get the result in order for them to allow me to continue at Secondary school level. Even worse, the result came out in the end that I don’t have Autism. This was the answer I always knew and have been trying to tell everyone, but no one listened expect my parents.

My parents got very angry and decided to find me a new school which will fit my needs that I can have opportunities to express my creativity and to be able to choose what I want to learn and to be in the future. They came across this one school located near my house in King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi. The school is called Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning. It is newly founded bi-lingual, 8 years old school at that time and has an innovative education system coming straight from America.

Darunsikkhalai uses the different method of learning. The school uses Project-based learning and designs the curriculum on the leaning concept called Constructionism. Let me explain what Project-based learning and Constructionism are. Both of them are kind of similar and it can be combined with an explanation as follows:

The way that it works is that students will learn from selecting their topics from their curiosity and comes up with such questions as How does this work? Will it work what this or not? What can we apply for this? What can we do with it? Then they conduct a research or study based on their questions and project topics.Throughout the process, they will integratively learn the traditional subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematic, Music, Art, and many more. This makes student more interactive and more focus in learning. Oftentimes we found that students can even go beyond what regular academic curriculum can achieve. The student actually gets more out of doing something like this because we are able to experience first hand by going through each process by our self and talking with professionals in the fields.

Let me talk about several projects that I have been doing and they are iCloudBot, iDrive S2, and SpaceBox Mini

Project: iCloudBot

This was one of the first projects that I got to experienced everything myself from the beginning and to the end. iCloudBot is a Tri-copter which is basically a drone with 3 rotors. continue reading

Project: iDrive S2

This was one of the new inventions to appear in Thailand and I was very amazed about it, Segway or as know as 2 wheels self-balancing scooter. The price of Segway is not cheap and out of my pure curiosity, I started the project and dedicated 1.5 years on its development. continue reading

⭐ Project: SpaceBox STEP-0

After I spent a year in Denver, Colorado as an exchange student. I was attracted to space technology because my host brother worked at Denver Science Museum and in that year it was the year that Curiosity One rover landed on Mars and most of the parts were built in Colorado so they have a space technology museum there. I came back and decided to continue my journey with this curiosity by creating something related to space and the closest thing is SpaceBox STEP-0 which led me to many more adventures. continue reading

Congratulation you're done with High School

After I came back from the United States, spent one year aboard as an exchange student. I attended Daruniskkhalai for the last year of my life. It was the final chapter in my High School life. Darunsikkhalai taught me a lot of things and they provided me with a lot of knowledge and resources. Not only skill to survive my life with my education but how I can apply what I got from my studies to solve real world problems.

I felt very special on my graduation day.  I was the only student in class to graduate in that year because all of my classmates all went aboard or transferred to another school. I had a private graduation ceremony which was very overwhelming. The event was very big and president of the King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi joined my ceremony together with Darunsikkhalai's executives, teachers, parents, students, and my friends. It was one of the remarkable days in my life and the day that told me to move forward to the next chapter of my life.

Student Panel Speaker at Fab Learn 2015, Stanford University 🇺🇸

I was very proud of my projects and so did my teachers (I can tell haha) at Darunsikkhalai. I was invited to join Fab Learn 2015 at Graduate School of Education, Stanford University as a student panel speaker to tells people about my crazy stories. continue reading

To me, education is very important and every decision counts toward the future. Parents are very important people in my life. They motivate, support, encourage me to do everything even when I faced difficult moments during my high school life. Teacher for me is not just someone who feeds me with information and give me grades they're families and friends to me.

I got accepted to Computer Engineering at the King Moungkut's University of Technology Thonburi, which helped me move one step closer to my dream of becoming an engineer.

From a kid who got kicked out of primary school because I was seen as an Autistic child. Accepted into a non-traditional, highly innovative school which allows me to improve my creativity to a higher level. Practicing doing projects without knowing that I actually learned something out of it. Successfully created many projects that persuade me to become Engineer and finally was invited to tell these stories at Stanford University. I would say it was pretty AWESOME experiences!