In the series "Baby steps in Latin America," Since its a two weeks, long journey and both countries Chile and Argentina are entirely different in term of geological, historical, and economical. I am splitting this journey into two stories.

Exploring the world has been one of my dreams for a long time especially places that far from my birthplace and not a lot of people I have known have been visited. The trip to South America or Latin America is an unplanned trip. I was doing a minor in Business at the University of Missouri, and I need three more credits, but all of my schedules are full if I want to graduate on time. Surprisingly an email from the Trulaske College of Business slipped into my mailbox, and they offer three locations for winter session study abroad for two weeks with three credit hours which will fulfill my Business minor.

Photo of Vine del mar while stucking in traffics on the bus

What happen in Chile, stayed in Chile

Primera historia [1/2], this is the story of the first part journey of my baby steps in Latin America. Majority of the whole story would focus on Chile especially Santiago and New Year celebration at Valparaiso.

The adventure starting from learning party culture of Chilean with Chilean President's brother, Miguel "Negro" PiΓ±era, oh you heard that rights!. To celebrate New Year at Valparaiso, considered to be one of the best places to celebrate New Year in South America. Continue reading...

Photo of Casa Rosada with protestors paint on the border

The Good Aires City of Latin America

Segunda historia [2/2], the second part is more focus in Bueno Aires. We spent the whole time in Argentina in this city. We don't have a lot of relaxation time here like we do in Chile. However, we do enjoy great Malbec, Tango, Steak, and the most delicious pizza I ever had (Speaking from a guy who study abroad in the United States and been to Italy). Continue reading...