In the series of "Tequila & Tacos" we're going to explore what's really in Mexico. Since its Spring break and I am a college student so the hottest destination that's right for the occasion would be Cancun and Mexico City.

Stepping outside the United States to one of the well-known countries that linked to drug-cartel and criminal by Americans is scary. However, it didn't stop me from my life goal which is to explore every part of the world. Spring break, Spring break, where could the destination be? Canada is too cold, the Islands are too far and don't know much about the Carribean back at that time. Overheard people talking about taking a trip to Cancun and with a couple of close friends already been there. It sounds like a lot of fun for Spring break, so Cancun is it.

Me playing with the sea parachute

Cancun, more than just a party island

[1/2] this is the first part of the series "Tequila & Tacos", which take place in Cancun, Mexico as our first destination to spice thing up with the Spring break trip. I've learn that Cancun is not only the party city like Las Vegas but it was once and still a historical city which once home of the ancient Mayan worlds.

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Mexico City, discovering Bangkok sister city

[2/2] the second part of the series "Tequila & Tacos", we flew over from Cancun to explore what meant to lives in one of the largest city and capital city of Mexico, Mexico City. Its time to try the real Tacos, explore the financial district and hey, Mexico City is probably Bangkok's sister city. The whole trip gave me Bangkok's vibes just with a Spanish language instead of Thai.

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